Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Entrepreneurship- Branching out

How many people still don't know where they are headed? I think I'm still one of the few who doesn't know exactly where to fit in careerwise. My job is great, I get to move around a lot, but I want to do something I have a real passion for and I haven't yet found it.

Your job takes up most of your day and eventually your life. I'm sure its not too much to ask that at least it's something I really love to do. I've been thinking and thinking and thinking, my brain probably doesn't want to be in my head right now. The best time to branch out and try something on my own is now before I get any older. I feel its better to try now and if I fail, I can always fall back into a job working for the man but change is scary especially unkown, unpredictable change.

What if's plague my mind all the time..what if it you have a crap business plan, what if it doesn't work out, what if I don't have the skills I need etc etc. So as usual I have googled..I am a google freak if you haven't already noticed, google could employ me to test their searches, I'll happily search all day long. I found a great article on about.com and it said to ask yourself these three questions

Look inside yourself and ask these three basic questions before you start your own business:

Do you really want to operate independently and be the person making all the decisions and shouldering all the responsibility?

Are you willing to work hard and make the sacrifices starting a small business entails?

Do you have the self-confidence and self-discipline that will enable you to persevere and build your new enterprise into a success?

I'll think about it this week. It's a whole lot to think about.

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BlogVille Idol said...

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i like your new house o..pink and all!!men i have thot of this branching out thing!but fear of d unknown is keeping me stagnant!!hmm..Pink-satin

goodnaijagirl said...

Those questions look like a great start to me, and I'm sure the answers will be interesting. Me, I know I have to sit down and figure out my future plans too (been just drifting along for too long), yet I haven't given something this important the time it deserves.

Good luck coming to a decision about what direction to move in.

C said...

Everyone comes to this point, at some point. There are many phrases to abide by when you are looking to set out on your own. I'll give you a few.

1. There's so much information out there what with the internet...use it to your advantage. Educate yourself about what you want to do. Read, read, read.

2. Always seize opportunities for training, a course here, a course there helps esp. if it relates to your passion.

3. If at first you do not succeed, do an Aaliyah, try again.

4. Find a mentor, someone who has gone before you and succeeded. They are almost always eager to help. You'll pick up invaluable tips.

5. I think you know this already but set out in an area you are passionate about. Anything you are passionate is not work.

6. (Gosh I should be a mentor, Lawl...)You seem to know a lot of people, amongst those will be people who are well learned, get them to critique things like your business plan, website content...plus other business documents.

7. (This should be #1) Pray, pray, pray. Prayer has two effects, first it takes the matter to God for sanction and revelation of the way to go, secondly, it helps you to think and focus more on your ideas. As a man thinketh...

8. Turn the telly off (serious...) TV takes up a lot of the time we could spend mulling and thinking over our ideas. Think, think, think. Every good thing we enjoy today started with a thought.

9. Never start a business because others are doing it or because it's a money generator. If you are good at what you do, the money will follow.

10. Have plans. Have a daily target, a monthly target and a yearly target.

I said a few right...I love your new template by the way. Goodluck and God bless.

LondonBuki said...

I'm gonna sit down and REALLY think about those 3 questions.

Thanks for the pointers C.

Lee said...

Tminx.. hmm we're all at that phase. I can totally relate. You aint alone. The thing is I believe I am getting there and just be positive. I have just started this habit of having a daily planner in which I "jot" down ideas. Its always with me. I think of ideas, at work, in the saloon, in the taxi and Lord knows if I don't write them down, I'll probably forget.
Then mingle with people of the same mind set and entrepreneur spirit.
We shall all get there, not saying I'm already there but with God's direction, we shall get there.. It is well..

TMinx said...

@blogville idol great job. It was funy, and funny all the way.
@gng, good luck too, and may Gods will be done.
@c, you make some very good points. Thanks for taking time to write this up. Prayeris definitely key and true talk about the Tv although I do love to watch Reality Zone and Discovery lol.
@LB, happy thinking!!!

geisha said...

1- LOVE the new profile template. the naked fairy is so hottt, i wanna change my profile pic!
2- i hav found that it is hard (for me) to be sure whether or not my dream is my passion or just a fantasy- a way for me to escape the reality of work.
do i really want to be an entreprenuer or am i jus looking for a way to not have to wake up at 5 every morning?? that kinda thing.
3-it's easy-ish- to think you can figure out the answers to those question but the Lord knows, what you think you can do is not necessarily the same thing as what you CAN do. you'll neva know...
but the fear is in starting, in trying....
Lord knows i'm scared!!
but it would be sooooo good to wake up every morning looking forward to work. i really pray i can get that cuz right now, NYSC sux. major ass.

that said, what is this thing you think you have a passion for? let me know :) i'm jus curious and gbeborun-ing all over the place.

TMinx said...

@Lee, thats definitelya good tip. I haven't had so many ideas that I can't remember them all but I'll definitely write them down now.
@Giesha, it is indeed scary but unless we try we cannot know. I don't want to regret it a few yrs down the line when kids and other priorities come, by Gods grace.

Bunmi said...

Wow, i should know but, the truth is, questions keep coming up.

Thing is, branching out or wotever u decide to do is a journey and not the destination. I'v been at my own thing for a couple of years and i still ask questions.

Its good that u can put down ur tots on paper, shows dat u'r really thinking about it and not just in fantasy.

And branching out is not an easy way out, u'll probably do more work, wake up earlier and sleep later, but the joy will be that u'r doing it for yourself.

And there's NO SUCH THING AS JOB SECURITY, nothing in this world is certain.

@c , whoever u are, i'll like to get in touch. bunmi@bumyperfect.com

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I've already figured out, that Im always buzzing with ideas, Great ideas, problem is Im not a finisher. I always need people around or someone to help to get through the finishing line. So being part of a business will suit me, if only for the brain storming process, but the actual doing, or getting to the end, you will hear me supporting you, but wount want to be taking the time to get through it. So I figured, I am great with advices, but running a busness, na, thats not me. Oh well. How have you been?

Take your time and trully find out your strengths and weakness and find out where there are suitablly inclined. Wishing you the very best oo.

Writefreak said...

Yes these three questions are a great place to start, got a link you might be interested in...http://www.myownbusiness.org

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone but fear is the reason a lot of people never step out to do what might become big...now is the time you can make mistakes as you say...and my hubby has this theory, there's nothing you can't succeed at, you only need to do it consistently for a length of time with a lot of dedication...

I'll be back to know what you come up with!

Kemi said...

Hi Lady,

Loving the new look of your page. Hope the questons you raised have not started giving you sleepless nights o!! I do agree that they are definitely important and when you can answer these questions you will be closer to making a very big decision. Take it easy babes

ONADA Photography said...

great blog post! This is something i think about everyday - need to put my answers together!