Monday, August 13, 2007

My Top Chick Flicks

In no particular order....

Love Jones- Romantic


Waiting to Exhale- Angela Basset was serioussss lol

Dirty Dancing- Nobody puts baby in a corner.......

My big fat greek wedding

Pretty woman

Four weddings and a funeral

Love actually

My best friends wedding

Jerry Mcguire

She's all that

While you were sleeping

Ten things I hate about you

Thelma and Louise- Just for that sot of Brads body

The note book


Sleepless in Seattle

How to lose a guy in 10 days.

Did I leave any out? I vaguely remember this movie where the woman was from space....


Chxta said...

I believe that you are talking about My Stepmother is an Alien?

I wouldn't go so far as to classify Pretty Woman as a chic flick...

How you dey?

londonnaijachic said...

bridget jones

aYomide said...

if u like shes all that...try DOWN TO YOU...freddie prince jnr and juliA Stilles....i liked it...

LondonBuki said...

Yup... my stepmother is an alien.

Anonymous said...

Wedding Date

SapphireAster said...

I was going to faint if I didnt see love actually on there. i'm satisfied!

Nyemoni said...

When Harry met Sally...

When a man loves a woman...

You've man...

princesa said...

love ur choices.
You've got mail is a nice one too.

Noni Moss said...

"Say baby, can I be your slave? I've got to admit girl, you're the shit girl and I'm digging you like a grave"

Love Jones is one of my all time movies :-D

Oh and I think Down to you sucked and Note Book sucked even harder! lolll.

Andy said...

Did you put "You've got Mail"?

lolaojiks said...

I absolutely love LOVE ACTUALLY...the best of british

Would also put There's Something About Mary

& the black ones
Disappearing Acts
Two can play
Brown Sugar e.t.c

DiAmOnD hawk said...

ooohhh... ayomide... loved Down To You... someone stole my copy...

LNC... feeling Bridget Jones' Diary

I love the LakeHouse and Sweet Home Alabama...

Anonymous said...

do you mean the SIXTH ELEMENT? with Bruce Willis?

Ever After
Sweet home Alabama
American Sweetheart
Like Water for Chocolate
American President
Wedding Planner
Forever Young
Love & Basketball
A Knight's Tale
English Patient
City of Angels

omg, now i know i watch too much movies and tv, lol

temmy tayo said...

When Harry met Sally is an all timer!

Uzo said...

The Best Man.....Hum Tum (you know i had to go Bollywood on you)

This makes me want to have a pyjama party complete with lots of chick flicks

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

First wives club?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

lol - these films are timeless, and Ms. D. love your additions too.

catwalq said...

okay, here our tastes differ. none of these movies will make my list...

Aloofa said...

Nice blog U hv there... waz just wondering that u don't have either of "The Diary of a Mad Black woman" or "Madea's family reunion".


Miss Opeke said...

DiAmOnD hawk, I also love LakeHouse and Sweet Home Alabama
If you don't mind, I'd like to add

Love Comes Softly

Bride and Prejudice

Brown Sugar

Someone Like You

Dirty Dancing

Picture Perfect

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Prince & Me (Just the part 1...)

Ok, I have to stop b/c it shows I watch too much romantic films

Belle said...

count of monto cristo

Tutsy said...

LOL.....Tminx i swear na u go kill me! Where in God's name did u pull out the song u have playing in the background. Is that what i think it is?.....the Locomotion?...Yepa!!! I must have died and gone to in this cannot be happening. Omo, that is a very old song, i haven't heard that crap since i was like 5 or 6. My mom, sisters and i used to work out to that you rememeber the video? Bet u do, with the tight ass leggins, headband and swimming costume-like are killing me mehn!!!! Not the locomotion. I heard that song back in Jand in the 80s when visiting with moms. My mom loved that song, bought it and used to make us work out to it every saturday morning in naija. I hated that darn song! but it i guess with time it sorta grew on me. If i may ask, what made u dig out that song? its been ages since i heard it. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

Now my favorite chick flick of all time would have to be Waiting to one...FABULOUS!...i can watch that movie over and over again. Other favorites include
Devil Wears Prada
My big fat Greek wedding
Legally Blonde 1&2
Maid in Mahnhattan
The Wedding Planner
The Wedding date
Miss Congeniality
Love Jones
Memoirs of a Geisha

Perhaps i should quit while i'm to have taken up enought space already.

confused naija girl said...

pretty woman
others are
runaway bride
wedding planner
anyhting with julia roberts and/or richard gere

Onada said...

i love the notebook and how to lose a guy in 10 days!

Vickii said...

I LOVE The Notebook! Favourite all time film ever!! And love Actually. I also like 10 Things I hate about you, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer (yes, I do love Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler), The Wedding Date, She's all that .. lol, I better stop now. Funnily enough I always think I'm not into chick flicks ... I'm obviously wrong!


We would so get on; you've got some of my fave flicks on there...
I can watch My best friends wedding over and over and over and over and over again....

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

JohnBull and RoseKate
Early Marriage
Games Men play 1,2 and 3
Games Women Play 1,2 and 3
Games sugarmamas want to play disc b

Ifeoma principles
Adam goes to school
my wife, my life

... and so on and so forth... lol

UnNaked Soul said...

My stepmother is an alien... sweet movie... :-D

Blind date is cool...

love Love Actually.. really wicked! LOL

lzbeth said...

How to lose a guy in ten days is just the bomb, but who really wants to be losing a guy when god guys are awfully scarce?Someone should do something about getting a good guy in a country like Nigeria.

Ejura said...

The notebook is my all time favourite!Then a walk to remember,sweet november is nice too...
too many jare

Atutupoyoyo said...

Love Jones. Takes me back to a relationhip that was well....perfect.

toun said...

autumn in new york
little women
somethings gotta give

Anonymous said...

No no no, The Notebook takes it everytime. Anyone who doesn't agree just hasn't seen the movie yet.

gilsgal said...

Well I'm new to blogging, and I must say I love your blog!
Now let's see, chick flicks...

Save the Last Dance
Two Weeks Notice
Pride and Prejudice
Titanic (ok so i'm kinda tired of that movie)

My favorite is still A Walk To Remember (Of course I'm biased cos I love Nicholas Sparks' books!)