Monday, January 15, 2007

The Okada, the Shower and the Lalle.

This weekend was very eventful. I spent most of it planning my friends shower which was on Sunday. I bought the balloons, and the presents. I downloaded the games. I planned the ‘surprise’ with the groom. I say ‘surprise’ in quotes because she knew it was happening, she just didn’t have any details. Her sister and I decided it was best we did it at her house and got her hubby to take her out and bring her back when we were good and ready. After buying the items with another friend of mine, we proceeded to the house in Lekki in a mini convoy. The turning to her house is kind of shady, as its shortly after the second roundabout on the left carriageway and sand divides the roads. It’s not an official turning but the alternative would be to drive to the third roundabout to turn all the way back so most people turn go across the sand and turn before on-coming traffic hits you. It’s not very safe. Anyway I made sure we were all clear for take off before crossing. So I took my time crossing to make sure there was no car in sight and as we crossed my cousin and I even have time to read the name of the street as we pass the sign post when we hear SMASH!

I was in shock, I had no idea what it could have been. The next thing some dude is nearly breaking my window and looking for something to hit me with. Then a whole hoard of guys flock to the car telling me to open the door. HELL NO, not with that crazed fellow in your midst. The guy had his wife and two kids on an Okada and had apparently run right into the back of the car near the tank. My friend behind said they all flew off! I can’t even begin to ask the WHY questions because they were numerous. He said he had been horning for a long time and I refused to stop….dude if it was that long a time, why didn’t you slow down? You were riding at a manic speed obviously cos I didn’t see you close to me AT ALL.

Anyways these dudes start taking their shirts off and screaming, “you must take him and his family to the hospital”…at this stage I’m getting worked up and as you know when upset I can fill river Nile. It was just the injustice of it all. But life first, I agree to take them to the hospital...while in the car, I call my dad to tell him some okada guy ran into me….SCCCCREEEECCCHHHH. “STOP this car” he said. I turn to my cousin to mouth off saying this dude isn’t even happy I’m agreeing to go to the hospital. The anger was rising.

You don’t know who I am. I am calling my people. They will take me to the hospital. Is it because I am driving an Okada?? They will send the car. But you just wait till they get here. I will show you who I am.

He proceeds to barricade the front of the car to prevent me from moving while hoping around on one leg. His children are scared and crying and the mum is upset. I try to tell her to talk sense to her husband but it seems like she’s scared of him. My dad calls to say he’s on his way while the man is gesticulating wildly outside telling me I didn’t come out from the car, then I tell him he’s not happy that I’m going along with the hospital plan and that I don’t know him. WHO THE F**K ARE YOU? At this point if I had uttered even one word, it would have been like molten lava.

A guy I know stops with his friend cos they recognize the cars and try to calm him down. At the end of the day he says he doesn’t want to go to the hospital he just wants his Okada fixed and to be settled…settled for what? Anyway my father arrives and takes them off to the hospital while

At the hospital he eventually told my dad and uncle who is a Policeman that I was using my phone and had stopped abruptly in the middle of the road then started again the stopped. Apparently the second time I stopped was when he hit me because he intially slowed down but resumed his speep because he thought I was going to let him through. They know he is yarning tales, cos that wasn't his intial story. I had to look for my phone to call my dad. LIAR LIAR pants on fire. I did not stop abruplty, am I looking for a death sentence? He hit my back, he was wrong but I'll let sleeping dogs LIE lol. He was settled which is what he wanted in the first place. I won't complain, thank God for his family's life...
Anyway I left them to it and went on to host the bridal shower because it wouldn’t be fair to just go home and mess her day up since I planned all the games etc.

I didn’t think I’d be in the mood but I settled down enough before the ‘surprise’. We set up the house and games and small chops and drinks and eventually had a good time. The guests arrived a little later and we called her husband to flash us when he got to the gate. She must have seen the cars but she was a good sport and played along lol. Congrats Eeshi! We also got a Hausa lady from Obalende to do some henna designs on the hands and feet of all the guests. Despite the emotional first half of the day, the shower was a success.

I feel tres sexy today and this lalle does get one quite a lot of attention. Somehow my hands and feet feel extra feminine.


Anonymous said...

That must have been so traumatizing!
I'm glad that u were still able to enjoy your friend's shower.
I thank God, noone was hurt.
As per the children or any other person, because even tho the okada guy was at fault, that would have been very tragic!

happy married life to your friend.
have a great week T-Minx

Dimples said...

Men those Okada riders are effed and could be right idiots least we thank God u are fine…cos really u can imagine if his posse had arrived…perhaps we will be saying something else now.

Good to know ur friends bridal shower was a success…but I really thought the wedding madness had died down in’s all good sha…loving the henna

Have a FAB week ahead!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is soo scary! Thank God nothing tragic happened. Its good you went on with the bridal shower though. I love LALLE! I'm sooo gonna have it in my wedding (by God's Grace).

azuka said...

That man doesn't want to do that with my Dad. Sure he's got gray hair but he can still handle all my brothers at once.

The day an okada man hit my Dad and started yarning nonsense my Dad picked him like a feather from his bike and dropped him unceremoniously into the gutter. The passenger ran away :-D.

I hope you're going to showcase things on Shutterchance?

TaureanMinx said...

@bella, they were all fine, just a bit shaken and the okada dude hurt his leg a little.
@dimples, imagine if something happened to one of them even! Thank God really. it has definitely died down but not completely. I have two wedding this weekend.
@COAMC, Its my first time doing it and its gorgeous!
@Azuka, my mum and dad can be quite empathic at times and its quite annoying cos I inherited it. They were just glad no one was hurt cos it involved kids. I'll look for some blog worthy shots.

Anonymous said...

daaaaaaang!! glad you are ok!

i agree, the henna is tres sexy!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a story - So the guy wanted a new okada or wanted his old one fixed.

In all things we need to thank God for His mercies, I wonder the story would have been. How can someone carry all his family on a bike.

Im glad your day wansnt ruined. Nice designs by the way.

Funmi said...

Getting into any drama with an okada driver is always a bad experience. A friend of mine hit an okada driver last year and before you could say 'james brown' about 12 others came out of 'no where' and gave him the beating of his life! Did i mention that the only reason he hit the man was bcos the silly rat drove in direction of upcoming traffic!those people are a menace to the society.

Boso said...

I had an episode like this when I was in Ife, and one guy on an Okada decided to turn right, right into my car. Apparently, because I had 5 girls in the car, it was all my fuault.

Anonymous said...

Godd thing you weren't hurt, I don't know how i would have handled my cyber crush being injured...

Anonymous said...

Minx, the last message was from me by the way. I dont know why i came up as anonymous..

chainreader said...

the fear of okada is almost the beginning of wisdom!

Anonymous said...

men u lucky...cos in lagos once u are involved in an Okada accident it is the car's fault...and at most time other okada riders would gather to support their colleague and lynch the car are LUCKY!

Mona said...

hehehehe u sat in ur car thruout sha...nice one :o) would I have thot of that in all my panic? I think not! And nice one SuperDad to the rescue!! LOL Congrats to Aisha :o)

p.s. I know that bloody underG lekki turning u r talkin about - it aint funny

TaureanMinx said...

@belle,it is oh. I'm already sad that it will wash off in a week or so.
@don't know what he wanted but he wanted money. Yes my day was not ruined and thank God for his protection.
@funmi, they are a bit more careful with girls and women but yes that solidarity thing sucks cos they are always wrong..well most times
@boso, lol, they distracted you with their combined beauty
@awwwww, blush
@chainreader, Amen!
@anonymous, yes oh, i'm glad everyone was fine
@Mona,lol @ superdad, I know better than to get out. I might have if he was not so incensed.

Anonymous said...


Well thank God that no one was hurt. Happy Married life to your friend. I can see that we have a wedding planner on blogsville now.

Uzo said...

These okada folks are somethign else. I am glad it wasnt more serious though. The shower sounds like a blast and i am loving the added henna twist. I want to have my hands and feet done tooooo.....:-(

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Thank goodness no one was hurt. Bloody okada drivers - stupid lying man. You shouldn't have given him anything.

Glad you bounced back and had a good evening in the end. The henna looks/looked lovely.

TaureanMinx said...

@temmy, we sure do and I can plan your wedding once you set your date :) :) :)
@uzo, awww you should have come!
@thanks noni. its about time yo invited me to that blog of yours oh!

Anonymous said...

that sounds scary! thank God no one was hurt!Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Nah those okada people are something else sha. My experience with them has never been as bad as what you just went through. I don't blame you for almost crying coz the frustration would have been crazy.
I don't understand how all of a sudden, 100 of them appear out of no where.

Oh the henna is beautiful. I would always get one done each time I went home. When I got back to school, people would stop and stare, some even stop to ask me questions as I walked round town.

NaijaBloke said...

Wow!!! the stupid okada man def knew what he was doing.I bet the guy was just looking to get some money off the accident o ..

Men cant remember how many Okada men I clear comot for road when I came home last.They r so annoying atimes,u can imagine an okada man telling u driving a car to comot road ..

Am not in Tampa yet jere,starting the job on the 22nd,so wont be in Tampa until the weekend.Hope I will be able to escape to naija as I planned o.. still waiting o madam..LOL

omoge said...

sorry to hear about your accident. but i'm really surprised that one one picked up on one thing you said - it was an illegal turning.

i'm not hating and i can tell that you are contrite and the okada guy started acting crazy, but that doesn't take away the fact that you turned illegally to start with. you know that if that accident had occured in the UK, you will definitely
a)get points on your license or most likely have it revoked
b) probably get taken to court because injury to the parties had occured and
c) you may have gotten sued by the okada driver.

i know you used to live in the UK from reading your blogs. it's funny how people do things differently when they live in a western country as opposed to Nigeria, a third world country and then we go on and on about how things work better in the western world. it's simply because people obey set down rules.

i know that third turning; it is far out but next time consider using it, you could have killed someone or even worse, you could have been killed.

glad you had fun at the bridal shower though. as i said, i'm not hating.

TaureanMinx said...

@CNG, thank god..thanks
@Mari...did you say almost lol. Yes Henna is lovely
@I wish I could avoid them altoghether.
@Omoge,I know what you mean, be sure that I used that 3rd turning the next time round. Somehow when you step on these nigerian shores, you turn into a hustler and all the rules change. No offence taken, thats why I told the full story.

Vera Ezimora said...


That is serious oh. Nawa. I don't think I can even attempt to drive in Naija; I will pass out.

I'm jealous of the baby shower sha. I am!!!

n9ja said...

Interesting...I guess what is important is that everyone is OK

Anonymous said...

These people are all the same. A normal person would be happy to have his okada repaired and his family alive and well. Not insisting on a settlement as well.

When I lived in P/H, I had two okada's collide in front of my car. They claimed that they were hit by me and when it was obvious I did not hit them, they said that they were not sure if I was moving or slowing down, I confused them, hence and therefore, I was responsible. I had to pay o! There was already a crowd building up and that's the last thing anyone needs in that situation.

Thank goodness no-one was hurt. We would have been telling a different story now.

LOL! LOL! ROFLMAO @ Azuka's dad.

I LOVE your lalle!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the okada incident but I still think you should thank God no one was really hurt.Donald Duke has banned okada totally from doing business in Calabar.