Friday, January 12, 2007

Blogville Gist

So whats been going on in blogworld? I have some juicy gist you need to check out.

We will start with Naijaluv who has a date this weekend with the steaming Emeka. Dr O has been put on hold!!! Watch this space. Have fun this weekend girl.

Next up is our own Babaalaye. He has a crush on a blogger and refuses to spill the beans. Will he tell? maybe he will, maybe he won't.

As usual the deliciously scandalous Overwhelmed Nigerian Babe has a meme up that only .2% of blogville will attempt to respond to even though you all have been tagged. Go on blogville, don't be chicken now!

Verastic Vera will be celebrating her birthday on the 14th. You know her now, the annoying pesky blogger who goes around commenting first and nudging you to update. YESSSS her. Happy upcoming birthday girl.

Here Temmy has juicy gist about her ever charming EX. That boy has got game!

Our girl Life through rose tinted glasses is back and has turned 21! Seems like all these parties haven't been working out according to plan apart Tutsy who had a blast....the day after that which she thought was her 'surprise' party. Your friends played you good Tutsy.

Nigerian girls watch out for Uzo's tall and handsome brother who has moved back. Pity he's younger than me, I would have snapped him up myself after reading what she wrote about him.

Just Me had a bad experience on a famous Lagos road a few days back just like I had written about in my Lagos 101 posts. Sorry oh! Please make sure you have you dummy bag in the car in a place where it can be easily reached. Stay careful out there!

Sad news..... these bloggers have lost someone dear to them, show them some love.

Pilgrimage to Self
Naija Dude

My recommended blog of the week is

Young Miss Williams

Bloggers Please Update


I jst removed Calabar gal from the list cos she updated. Check out her post about the calabar carnival.


Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

So TMinx u've taken the title of gbeborun, amebo, tatafo on blogger upon urself, abi? Anyways, that was a brilliant idea. I like the descriptions used for Vera. That girl is very annoying, always on ur case to update. By the way. I'M FIRST!!!

Nyemoni said...

GBEBORUN!!! YEPA.... I must update fast! My dear how are you? Take

TaureanMinx said...

@Cherub, Yes oh, official tatafo of blogsville.. That Vera chick needs to be spanked. I volunteer Naijabloke
@nyemoni, thank you thank you. God bless you like I used to say to insults. I dey oh, working not too hard. Hope the new job is going well.

BabaAlaye said...

Haba!!! Omo buruku ni e iwo Minx yi.

Why you come put me on the spot like that now? I was hoping the whole crush thingy would blow away quietly. Now people go dey ask me efri time. Tatafo like you.I'm tempted to spill the beans sef.siedewyc

Dimples said...

Nice one..u have made life easier for me this I ain't getting up 2 much...i might as well watch the footie and stay glued to my laptop.

Have a FAB weekend all...God bless

Boso said...

So you're now the news agency in blogland? Have a great weekend anyways !!

azuka said...

Ahem, Tminx.

That meme you're urging us to do. We're going to play follow the leader ;-). You have the floor.

And you got the word for Vera -- pesky!

azuka said...

And don't worry. If you do the meme I'll close my eyes. I promise :-D.

Funmi said...

wow! this is so are the 'ovation' of blogworld :)

TaureanMinx said...

@ babaalaye, wetin be that chinese you write for the end of your comment. Oya vex and say it jooo.
@dimples, same to you girl
@boso, and you have a vomit free weekend
@azuka, then what will happen to my new years resolution?
@funmi, lol, more like city people.

Anonymous said...

Concise. nice one.
You bera stop calling Vera that sorta name (Naijabloke no kill me o!) otherwise I go delete your blog. LOL

n9ja said...

Lovely concept - 1st time here. Will be back

Mona said...

haha i like this new blog gist thing - have a good weekend! xxx

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks for the job eh! Well done to be feeding us in. Atleast I can limit the number of web pages to click on since I know say u go fix me up with the latest news.. LOL

Hope you are shining? Just keep at it eh! Have a lovely weekend!

Uzo said...

Oh. I love this. LOL. Now there are some new blogs to check out. Ehm, about my brother....a few years younger is not a bad thing. Expand your mind girl....LOL

Anonymous said...

T Minx,

I will do the meme whe i get back to the UK. Why is everyone scared now....(i wish)

Babaalaye should berra tell us about his crush fastfast.

Well(seriously blushing now) i am about going bowling with EX now.

Anonymous said...

lol @ latest gist in blogsville. We have a blogsville reporter in our midst .... great news briefs!


Anonymous said...

Lol...funny I was just about to post about the latest gist, but since you started already, you missed the most recent. Overwhelmed NB's response to all the comments from her!!

Vera Ezimora said...

I do not appreciate the way you portrayed me. If you're gonna talk about me, then tell the whole story. If you're gonna talk about my birthday, then tell them all the gifts I want, dammit!

Speaking of gifts, what are you getting me?

bhookey84 said...

ur blog is just one of a kind, keepin peeps up to date with the latest stuff, lol , im addicted to readin blogs mehn, chai

Anonymous said... we have a blogsville magazine too? Lollll...good to know we can flip to this section and get whats happening in our little village community.

Nice one...lemme update myself on some spicy gists, seeing as today is SATURDAY and MONDAY is a public holiday...yippee no school!

Calabar Gal said...

Was I on the Update list? OMG!!!

This ur post was very useful update on goings on in blogville. Been to every one of them - Thanks.

I've already told OWNB - No way I'm doing that tag, too scandalous as hubby reads my page.

Anonymous said...

i like this jist thing . it keeps you updated on whats going on in blogville . it will keep amebos like me happy!

Anonymous said...

Oh this rocks!!! luvs it!!! I guess I can be your associate reporter(abi na junior staff i go call am) cos you know say me self.. i dey find blog gist quick quick... employ me!!!!!!(I have better better resume and references oh...)

Vox said...

Love blogsville

Anonymous said...