Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a-Z Alpha Tag

So DonChi.....Here ya go


Would love to own my company eventually but for now I’m building my career. Don’t want to have to depend on anyone for survival (not that it won’t be nice to have someone paying my bills but I don’t like taking risks either).

Runner up: Amiable.


I don’t shirk away from difficult situations. I may be nervous an jittery but I always follow through

Runner up: Blessed


With my feelings and emotions. I tend to size people up...sort of guage them when I initially meet them. If you know me, the person you initially met is prob different from the girl you know now.

Runners up: Critic, Cheeky


Like you wouldn’t believe it! You only need to see my desktop to start to understand what I mean. I call it organised chaos. I need to get a PA J

Runners up: Deep, Dysfunctional


I get along with pretty much all kinds of people. I don’t stress under circumstances where most would like losing a wallet, phone blah blah. I don’t get bothered. Life goes on.

Runners up: Evasive, Erratic


You know me. I’m F A B O lol

Runners up: Forgetful, finicky


I guess this is similar to being cautious. You can’t really tell what I’m thinking half the time.

Runners up: Good natured, Generous


I guess this is where my Taurean nature comes into play. Some days I am just so stubborn even when I know I’m wrong.

Runner up: Humorous


This has gotten me into some troubleeee. I just go ahead and DO IT, forget the consequences.

Runner Up: Intuitive


I’m definitely a fun-loving kinda girl.

Runner up: Jaded


I consider myself a kind person. Do you?


I have had more lucky breaks than most. And I thank God.

Runners up: Loyal, likeable


You don’t want to see me in my moods. I get all weird and quiet and sombre and just plain weird.


Its quite a problem. Sometimes I just don’t give a shit.

Runners up: Nice, Naïve


I always think positively. Everything always works out.

Runners up: Observant


I am ever the peace maker. I worry over quarrels, fights disagreements even when they don’t involve me…but even worse when they do. I can’t function until everything is ok. That’s the only time when I’m not nonchalant…and the only time I wish I was.

Runners up: Patient


I can be quite unrealistic about life.


Ask my mum, she uses the word all the time to describe me, interchangeable with conservative.


I get hurt too easily and am quite sensitive to the feelings of other people around me.

Runners up: Spontaneous, Sociable, Stubborn,


Falls in with the moodiness bit. Infrequent but it happens none the less.


That’s me. There’s no copy

Runner up: Uptight(ish)


Watch your step, I could blow unexpectedly.


Even I find myself weird.

Runner up: Witty, Wary


Okay so I cheated.


I have a youthful look and can behave like a big baby sometimes.

Z onked

This exercise has tired me out. Thanks Don Chichi!

I tag: Low, London Buki, Onada, Vera, Nneka


LondonBuki said...

Ha! You tagged me ke? It will take me forever to do this!

Anyway, you know yourself well! I totally agree with you being:

1. Disorganised - This girl was at the airport and couldn't find her passport!!! She later found it - It was deep deep in her suitcase that she was supposed to check in!
2. Lucky - You are blessed, it's God oh. Don't forget!
3. Moody - TMinx and her famous moods!!! I've experienced ENOUGH of them... LOL!!!
4. Nonchalant - I don't know where to start, so I won't even start... LOL!!

You are still LURVED by me though... LOL! x x x

LondonBuki said...

Oh yeah and your face is as fresh as a baby's behind and you look 18... LOL!!! I don't know why I am laughing... Lucky you.

low said...

Why did u have to tag me baby!!!!!.....B...Im BITCHING!!! over u tagging me..loll..Ok i kid!!

Onada said...

i feel like i just got homework!

Bella Naija said...

lol...u tagged a lot of people! u really want to share your homework! yeah we do have some of the same ones...

LondonBuki said...

I promise I'll do mine next week Tues or Wed, Miss TMinx.

Gosh! As Onada said, Homework!!!

I already know people I will TAG (i.e. PUNISH!).

Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

first of all, i apologize to everyone for this. it is my fault, even though she chose to give ya'll homework. i think it is a rather liberating exercise. now mini-minx...

Cautious, Disorganized, Guarded, Hard-headed, Jovial, Kind, Moody, Sensitive, Temperamental, Weird, Youthful I agree.

Everything else, I spit, twe!

"I" should be Ingenious cuz that Zonked was noice!