Friday, June 02, 2006

A-Z meme

I've been tagged by Mona. So here it goes

Accent – Nigerian/British/American/Japanese. You figure it out.
Booze – Gimee any type of Booze anytime, anyday. I may just be a semi-alchoholic (without the getting all drunk and crazy stuff).
Chore I hate – Cooking...especially making Salad from scratch..why??????
Dogs/Cats –Ew those witches in disguise that have stinky poo? Dog please
Essential electronics – Laptop, iPod, DigiCam,Mobile Phone, Hair Staightener
Favourite perfume - Not a fan of perfume really... but currently using Light Blue.
Gold/silver – Silver
Hometown – Edo
Insomnia – I can so sleep at the drop of a hat
Job title – Procurement Specialist
Kids - Nope but I want a lot!
Living arrangements – With parents..Naija sucks in some certain aspects
Most admired trait - Genetic trait-- I come from a family with the freshest skin. Baby soft. I'm also quite calm.
Number of sexual partners – Aren't we the nosey one?
Overnight hospital stays – Nope...I'm a healthy morasucker
Phobia - Flying
Quote – Don't sweat the small stuff. I need to say this to myself often.
Religion - Christian
Siblings - Younger brother and two younger sisters
Time I usually awake – 5.30 a.m. Then lay on my bed till 6
Unusual talent – I can pee standing, oh alright I can predict the weather by touching my right breast. Oh Ok I can roll my tongue...
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Olives
Worst habit - BLOGGING!
X-rays – Yes, of my back, several times looking for the cause of an ache which dissapeared eventually thank God!
Yummy foods I make – Chocolate Souffle, Sphagetti Bolognese, Black Soup, Pepper Soup
Zodiac sign – I'a a taurean of course. DUH! :)

I tag Low, Nneka and Dilichi


LondonBuki said...

Umm... I see you did not tag me! Our lurve affair is over!

TaureanMinx said...


DUH DUHHHH, the normal person will conclude that you have been tagged! By ONADA btw

Onada said...


LondonBuki said...

@TMinx oops, my bad
@Onada I so so so hate olives... YUCK!!!!

Sola Labinjo said...

The world is small, ok so I'm reluctantly at work on a Saturday and bored out of my head, so I trawl the net reading various blogs. What do I figure out? I've been reading your blog every now and again and I never realised you are a fellow shutterchancer!!

the flying monkeys said...

We like your blog and would like to invite you to view a manifesto setting out how Nigeria can be improved. Posted by Renegade Eye.
Please, by all means, take a swing in the comments, too.

ivieboh said...

EDO!! ok, I'm done.

Anonymous said...

do you have japanese blood?