Monday, May 08, 2006

My Dream Job

I love to read! I'm not partial to any genres. I read them all…. fiction, self help, chick lit, biography, African (especially African writers) name it, I’ll read it. My ideal job would involve promoting good writers especially Nigerian writers and encouraging them to cultivate their interest and to explore their capabilities. I would own a publishing firm and discover raw talent and assist in the development of the writers.

Working hours would be a typical 9-5 job but seeing as I'll be the owner of the company, I would not be bound by time constraints. I could work from home but I’d have an office somewhere in the city where writers can drop off their draft copies for review. If I am required to work long hours, I will and if I have other things to do, I will have the freedom to as well.

My job would located be anywhere I choose to finally settle down. At this point, it would be in Nigeria.

I would get to work in my Olive green Jaguar, the AC and music on full blast.

I would be dress business casual on the days that I decided to work from the office. A typical outfit would be perfectly shaped skirts and pants with T-shirts or Fitted Shirts. On Fridays I'd wear trad.

I'd pay myself enough to match other professionals in my area and I’ll re-invest the profits in the stock market and put some back into the business of course.

My clients would be writers, particularly African with exceptional talent who have a lot to offer.

Core tasks would involve getting writers to send in book drafts, fishing out the good from the bad and being able to identify successful stories from flops and organising book launches and signings. Also I’ll successfully market the books so sales figures would be in the millions.

Perks would involve meeting potential writing gurus, having a renowned publishing company, freedom to go on holiday (fully paid) as I wish and to work from home.

Success would be measured from the amount of book deals with authors and of course the profit from the sales of books.


Pilgrimage to Self said...

Good one. I'll put you on the list.

LondonBuki said...

Wow... I am impressed. I like it so much, I am thinking maybe I rushed into mine!!! Wow!!!!