Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I'm feeling high right now. I know people that get high on sugar but I never thought I'd experience it. My eyes feel like they are swimming in my head. Maybe its because I've been starring at the screen too long today....but really I think its sugar. All a friend of mine has to do is drink fanta to experience what the rest of us have to pay hard earned cash for alcohol to make us catch the came wave as she is on...if you understood that sentence then you are high, cos I’m sure I won't understand it tomorrow.

So as I was saying, this reminds me of the one and only time I've been really high (not on sugar i mean). I was in second year and went to visit my friends who all stayed together in an apartment on the other side of town. I was on the phone when I arrived so I didn't really take note of what was going on around me. I vaguely took in the fact that Mr. A was cooking, well actually baking which was usual. The kitchen is right across the hallway, the living room and one of the rooms both on your left as you enter and there are stairs leading upstairs. I said hi to everyone, walked into the room, flopped on the bed and continued my conversation.

Not long after, Mr G. walked into the room with a delicious looking piece of chocolate cake on a saucer. I immediately jumped up and took the piece and gobbled it up. He had a look of mischief in his eyes as I asked for another piece and immediately scrambled to get me another. Now if you knew these guys, you would know that they would NEVER willingly give up their food so it got me thinking..but I was on the phone and was therefore distracted.

He came back in with the second piece and I ate more slowly this time savoring the taste. THEN I noticed something odd! The cake felt grainy. Bits of 'stuff' didn't dissolve well with the cake, but it wasn't a big piece so I finished it off. When I got off the phone, I started feeling slightly whooozeeeee so I stumbled into the living room and started the interrogation. I tried to sound serious but it came out more like uuuuuuu guysssssssss (the way Dude where's my car people talk), what did you put in the cake??

Silence all around...and a little giggle here and there.

I'm seriouss nooowwww, what did you put in it? I turned to Mr G. girlfriend who was aiding and a betting against a fellow female. Shamee. By this time I was more than wozeeeee. You guysssss, guess what? It’s like I'm flying!! Wow Mr A, I have a question for you..oh, I've lost my train of thought. Okay I need to call my dad...and so it went until I was driven home to sleep it off.

I guess it’s a good lesson to learn amongst friends, it could have been more disastrous in other circumstances.


Everchange said...

so funny. haven't you watched enough teen movies to be wary of the chocolate cake/brownie?!!

it definitely could have been worse if you had been surrounded by really unscrupulous friends.

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

Maybe they wanted a threesome... At least you can look back on it and laugh...

LondonBuki said...


Dilch said...

Please tell me this wasn't in Nigeria - I will completely lose all my innocence
Also, what kind of people do stuff like that though, what if you had had some kind of weird reaction to it, that's really dangerous

Anonymous said...

I wish you'd done something reallllly embarrassing to mortify you the rest of your days whenever you recalled it, lol.

anyhoo, like, i really like, resent the "fanta" comment.


TaureanMinx said...

@everchange, yeah i think if i was surrounded by such friends I wouldnt have been so comfortable and no I was not aware of 'hash cake'. My naiveness knew no boundaries...it still doesn't
@ disillusioned, lol, Mr. A's girl was there and there were 4 guys so maybe a 6some!
@londonhuki, sharrrappp there!
@dilch, nope, I studied in England.
@anonymous, Why do you resent the comment?Let me know. Luckily I didn't do anything silly so u can just wish on :P

Feyikogbon said...

My, My, My TMinx you show me a side to the homeland I didn't know existed. The only place I've ever had a bite of the Devils cake has been in Amsterdam (and I've been in the UK for the last ten years!). I don't remember feeling high at all though. My drug of the moment is my baby. She gets me High just thinking of her.

Baby since the day you came into my life
You made me realize that we were born to fly
You showed me everyday new possibilities
You proved my fantasies of love could really be
Let's go to a place only lovers go
To a spot that we've never known
To the top of a cloud were floatin awayyyyyy...

Ooh this feels so crazy, oh this love is blazing
Baby we're so high, walking on cloud nine
You got me up so high
So High

John Legend

Biodun said...

That most of been some experience lol...did u feel normal the next day...see I have never tried any drugs so am curious...

TaureanMinx said...

@I'm glad your baby gets u high. Coincidentally, I'm listening to John right now (we are close like that).

@biodun, I felt alright...wasn't too far from getting tipsy on alchohol, not that I do that often.

Kunle.... said...

Hmm, I must say, this story sounds ever so familiar especially with the names Mr A and Mr G - they seem like my two notorious friends blah blah blah.

Come to think about it, I was there when they gave you the cake, so omg, I think I know who you are, looking at you eyes now..lol

I know you, he he he. Don't mind me oh but yes I know you and I must say you write very well.