Friday, March 03, 2006


TMinx: Hey Liz, Ur hair looks great! Where did you get it done (1)?
Liz: You haven't seen me all this week, I have had it for a while now, are you just noticing?
TMinx: I guess I haven't really seen you this week. Its nice though, where did you get it done (2)?
Liz: I didn't do it today, I got it done over the weekend.
TMinx to TMinx: Okaaaaayyyyyyyyy. Is this withholding information or WHAT!! Do you know where this convo is going?
TMinx to TMinx: No I really don't.
TMinx: Where did you get it done (3).
Liz: In VI, (she points vaugely to the south)
TMinx to TMinx: Where are we again?
TMinx to TMinx: We are in VI. Okay you need to stop.
TMinx: Okay, its nice.
Liz: Thanks. (Shakes her head and waltzes off)



LondonBuki said...

Crazy! hahahaha!!!!!

M.O.T said...

LOLLLLLLL that's Nigeria for u... The WTF face was invented in Nigeria lol cos u walk away from conversations even more lost than u were in the first place!

Onada said...

Hoarding info about where she did her hair! is there only one hair dresser in Lagos? abeg! LOL.