Thursday, September 15, 2005


I thought there would be a lot of looting, destruction and bad news in general during the rally held yesterday over the hike in fuel prices..again. I think its happened twice already since I got back and 9, that’s NINE times since Obasanjo became president. BUT it was quite a peaceful procession, I’m proud of my Nigerians. I didn't get to see any of it as I am keeping boomylicious company as she house-sits for the week. Let’s hope the remaining rallies in other cities are just as peaceful AND that it makes a little difference.

Work is really slow today, not because there isn't anything to do though. I’m having a 'don't feel like being here' day. I have that maybe once a week but the thought that tomorrow is Friday is keeping me going. I'm taking my baby sis to see Wedding Crashers. It's consolation for the fact that she has to cut her hair for her new boarding school. She doesn't want to cut her hair and she doesn't want to go to boarding school so she has been feeling quite sorry for herself. I’m sure she'll be okay once she gets there though.

I had a lot of junk to eat at my aunts birthday yesterday, cakes, puff puff, spring rolls, samosa's (small chops as they call them), rice, shrimps, all sorts of meat..I just kept picking and picking and picking and that’s the worst way to eat. So I thought I'd be good today and eat sparsely but f*%$ it! I’M HUNGRY. Going to the canteen....