Friday, September 09, 2005

Just a moment of silence because my blondey is leaving me here and going back to obudu oyinbo............She was so sweet, even brought me pressies. I'll miss you pookie!

SO this week went by quite eventfully. As I have no direct boss in Nigeria, I can stroll in anytime before 9.30 without so much as a bat of an eyelash. I just waltz in and sit at my desk..u need to enjoy these things while they last. Lo and Behold my boss from the Uk ( I have to distinguish because there are quite a few) flies in for a meeting and I have to pretend like a good employee and show up at 8.00am everyday. So much for my beauty sleep.

My mama is back and I have all these goodies from family and friends. My sis sent me these shiny gold wedgy open toe shoes...I think they belong in the 20ies. I can hardly walk in them!

Wednesday night, went to see the longest yard at silverbird with pookie and it was hilarious. I caught the naija fever and even clapped once..I was shy.

Well im looking forward to an exciting week, Lagos throws all sorts at you each day but I guess that keeps me on my toes. Its also turning me into a mad woman, screaming curses at danfo and okada drivers and a million and 1 other people trying to cheat you silly. It gets quite frustrating , how it takes forever to get things done, the indiscipline, the inequality, the HEAT!!! but I stick to my decision to move home cos there's no place like home!