Friday, April 13, 2007

Blogsville Gist

The biggest question of the day is...Who is Mr G? I personally feel it's someone trying to be someone's ex. This someone recently told us about her break-up and her blog is widely read. I personally think if thats it, then its not very funny.

Happy BirthdayYankeeNaijaChick. Hope you had a smashing day. It's a few more weeks to mine. I'll let you guys know the details once its fully planned.

Simply gorgeous still has her competition going on. She must really love this her brother oh. She still gave no stats on his age. I think maybe cos he is really 40 or something lol.

Don Chi is back with information on where he has been all this while. Naughty.

9ja Opeke congrats on your promotion!

Boorishmale stars in Encounters of the strange kind. It's quite an interesting usual.

Bella hits us with her Weekend luv. It's very good, she uploaded videos even I haven't seen here in Nigeria.

Unnaked has up a funny post about a girl he met on hi5. The things we do......

Low had a great easter weekend and was surprised by hr MR...1...2..3.... AWwwwwwwWWWWWWWWw.

Chameleon has a lovely written post on a date she went to. Sorry if is not your sort of thing..its mine :)

Buki, Vickii, Waffy, Fluffy Cute Thing, Ms Zee and ToyinE have started their 21Day Challenge Join them or cheer them on. You can do it girls!

Finally Blacktinkerbell, we are still waiting for the results !!!!!!!!

I plan to go and vote tomorrow so I had this conversation with my dad.

Tminx: Dad are you voting
Dad: No
Tminx:Why not? You registered
Dad: I'm not voting
Tminx: Well I'm going to vote myself then
Dad: Did you check to see if your name was on the register
Tminx: What register? I'll just go and check tomorrow then vote
Dad: If you waste their time and they check and you name is not there, they will beat the living day lights out of you because you are meant to know your voting center before you go to vote.

Beat or no beat, I'm going to vote.


Anonymous said...

Fust!!! he he he!

Boso said...

Hope voting went well. We're cheering you all on from here with bated breath.

dairy of a G said...

have a sup-splendid-delicious weekend

LondonBuki said...

LOL @ Your Daddy!

Thank you for all these updates, there are so many blogs now, I am getting confused.

Have a beautiful weekend!

omo-obanta said...

hi! i'm new to "blogsville". I love your blog too-
How are peeps all connected because it seems all the Naijabloggers know each other...

law_damsel said...

loll, dat was funny!! wat is ur own wiv voting ehn?

Surviving with Truth said...

I agree about Mr.G. its sad but the guy must obviously be bored. Anyway, gr8 post