Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blogsville Gist 21 April 2007

First can we have a moment of silence for those who died at Virginia Tech.


Zai and Fineboy have written beautiful poems based on the tragedy.

A lot of our beloved bloggers are going on breaks. I for one know it's needed sometimes.


Chameleon is leaving. A rude shock but take care hun. x
Beautyinbaltimore feel better!

Boorishmale have a good break and Blacktinkerbell don't be sad, all is well :)

ONB I hope you soon start to find joy in blogging again. These criticisms come with being such a CELEB :). You will be alright. Hope you mum is doing great.

Cherub good luck with your exams! I know you wll pass with flying colours by Gods grace.

CNG we miss you. Hope you are doing great too.

Thoughts has some words for those leaving.


We have some serious talks about marriage on in blogsville.

Vickii asks, can you stay if your husband cheats?

Uzo talks about the institution of marriage

Aunty Bella has a post up about a lady who feels trapped in a marriage.


Calabar Girl has some wedding websites for the wedding webbie fans.

Eye Candy had a scare, but it was not what she thought. Good thing its good news.

Favored Girl has been playing cupid, see the update here.

Simply Gorgeous still has her competiton running. The contenders are down to two. Goodluck girls.

Temmy is still on cloud nine. Update!!!!!!




Surviving The Truth



Do you think marriage is worth it. Can there be the ideal marriage?


omo-obanta said...

Am i the first! Yes! I'm comin...

omo-obanta said...

Nice update!
About marriage, I think it will definetely be worth it with some one you love and respect and who feels the same about you. But abuse or neglect is definetely not worth it.

Thanks for putting up my blog-i'm a total comment whore lol

azuka said...

I think the marriage institution has failed. It now means many other things which crowd out the true purpose -- companionship.

I'd rather have companionship and no marriage if I can help it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that the marriage institution has failed. Yes many marriages have failed but not the institution of marriage.

I'll be living in a fools paradise if I say there aren't so many failed marriages but I've also seen a good number of long marriages (people I know very well).

Since people are complex so is marriage since it involves 2 people.

So, Tminx, I think there can be the ideal marriages.

omo-obanta said...

Hey! please stop by again. blog dearest is getting a little lonely. lol

beautyinbaltimore said...

Thank you. I am feeling better. I never knew that you visit my blog. Say hi one day.

Daddy's Girl said...

I don't think there can be an 'ideal' anything once human beings are involved, because wqe are not ideal, we are flawed and will always be. So I don't believe in 'ideal' unless we're talking about God.
But I do believe marriage is worth it when the two people involved do it for the right reasons and with the right mindset - but the 'right' reasons for one couple may not be right for another - so it's about communicating and understanding, being on the same page.
I believe it's important for people to understand that there is no 'ideal' 'set-up' for marriage - it's about finding your groove and hitting it - it differs from couple to couple.

Mrs Somebody said...

I laughed very hard the day my mother -in-law told me she met and married my father-in-law within 2 weeks....2WEEKS!!!!And they were married for 51 years before he died 3 yrs ago.According to her,God instituted marriage and if anything goes wrong in your marriage,you report the fault to Him and He'll fix it.She made it sound so simple.
Understanding,tolerance,patience,ability to forgive one another and sacrificial love were some recipes she gave for a successful marriage.

Thoughts of a Virgo said...

check my blog out please

catwalq said...

I do not think the institution of marriage has failed.
I am 23, my parents generation and their parents generation had to culminate their existence with marriage.
Women did it to ensure their economic and socio-cultural survival. Men did it to provide heirs to whom they would leave their "fortunes".
Divorce only affected the woman and her children; not like she was ecstatically happy in her husband's house or anything like that oh, but she stayed until the fire burning her was too much to bear or the voodoo the other woman brought was some serious s@#$.
Flash forward to 2007: women are working so they can tell men to kiss their derrieres; men are flabbergasted about this; women now reserve the right to refuse their husband any request they are unwilling to fulfill (sexual, monetary, physical or otherwise) America.
we are now a global village and we court ourselves like the white man and celebrate our unions in keeping with the faiths that he brought but we expect that the same creeds we lived by for hundreds of years will remain untouched.
Thus comes the disintegration of the what is now recognised as "the intitution of marriage

Surviving with Truth said...

it upsets me too, that people are quiting so suddenly. But i do understand that everyone needs to find happiness regardless if it means starving their blogville families of their insightful words... good luck to them anyway
thanks for stopping by

BabaAlaye said...

Is Wife Rental possible? Like Hertz?

temmy tayo said...

May the souls of those that passed away rest in peace. It was sad. Marriage still works for people that are ready to sacrifice. It is hard work really.

I don update o.

chidi said...

i don't think there can ever be an ideal marriage. Marriage comes with all its problems all we have to do is try and make the best of it, but that does not mean we should stay in a realtionship whereby the guy is taking the woman as a punching bag or mistreating her

Favoured Girl said...

I'm late as usual but oh well! Thanks for featuring my blog on your gist. May the souls of those who died in Virginia rest in perfect peace.
About marriage, it is the best relationship anyone on earth can have with another person IF it is done the right way. There are thousands of happy marriages out there, it's just that we hear more about the unhappy ones. God instituted marriage so once He has a hand in the relationship, He will make it possible for man and wife to live together in love and peace. There is no ideal marriage, both partners have to give as much as they get. That means giving trust, forgiveness, submission, patience and kindness and respect to the other person and they reciprocating.

Uzo said...

Ideal for the parties involved. For outsiders that want to weigh in, maybe not. The bootome line for marriage and all relationships, i say as long as the parties involved are happy and whatever they put up with to drive their happiness, yippee for them

Nanya said...

Daddys girl already typed my comment for me. Expecting perfection in another human being a recipe for disappointment IMO.

UnNaked Soul said...

what is the definition and the purpose of marriage?

Favoured Girl said...

@ Unnaked soul: Here are some of the reasons for marriage: selfless committed love, mutual service, life partner for lasting companionship, sexual partner, ideal for raising children, and complete union of two people.

Anonymous said...

All marriages, no matter how happy come with their issues, i'v come to realise this, but some can get unbearable though. We can only pray we end up happy pple with the best partners we can ever dream of cos it seems unbelievably hard these days, God help us!!!!!!!!!!

Vera Ezimora said...

Can there be the ideal marriage? Depends on what u consider the ideal marriage

Vickii said...

I think marriage is definitely worth it but the only reason it's worth it when it works is because it's hard. People need to realise that it is the hardest thing they will ever do, and also one of the most important and that at least once, they'll want nothing more than not to be a part of that marriage and be prepared for the worst and prepared to work through it.

Marriage is still the ultimate symbol of committment to another human being, that says to me that it hasn't failed as an institution.

Segedoo said...

hi. Great blog. i'm adding you to my favorites. check me out on

Keep blogsville bubbling like u've been doing.

NoLimit said...

I really and truly believe that your marriage is what you make of it once you've covered the basic(s)...Prov24 says that through wisdom a house(marriage) is built and by understanding it is established it goes further to say that thru knowledge, all areas(rooms i.e kids,finances etc) will be filled.
As long as you marry right and you are willing to work at the be joke matter!
Then you'll find out that marriage really works and it is fun...says a couple I know(they've been married for over 2 decades)...