Friday, November 11, 2005


I have a new lover....Bobby Valentino. Is this dude cool or what? I’m talking music wise right now. Okkaayyy. Anyways the tracks are banging and I'm a fan for life. Try 'My Angel'.

Now you may look at this for those who know me and say..'How sad! She has resorted to this..liking all these stars when there are several eligible men in Lagos'. My question to you is 'Where the hell are they'? Like am I blind? Are you talking about the Aristo's? Or maybe the multiple girlfriend guys? Hmm, perhaps the married ones? No? The ones that sit pretty and want you to chase them? Then I think you mean the single one's looking for flings, that tell you during your first converstaion..'I just broke up with my long term girlfriend, now I just want to have fun and chill'. I ask you.. 'who the hell you want to chill with'? lollll. Punk.

Don't get me wrong, I don't write them off at first glance but seriously dude, this is our third 'date' (we will get back to this) and all you want to do is mess around. Fine some use endearing words like baby and honey and beautiful but I know they would actually say anything at that point in time. Some get this glazed look in the eye when you try and have any form of intelligent conversation. Its almost hilarious. So you see I need a guy that has the right mix, and I really wonder if he is out there. I'm tired of having 'the talk' with my mum, does anyone feel me? lol. Nigerian mums can get a bit pushy although at 15 I distinctly remember her telling me to go change my shorts and enter the house when a guy attempted to chat me up in front of the house. She stood upstairs looking through the window like a spy, then shocked the hell out of me by sharply shouting my name. All of a sudden I'm supposed to be superwoman man conqueror.

Back to the topic on dates. Can we be UNORIGINAL in Nigeria? I know there’s not much to do but the reality is that dates consist of the guy dropping by at the girls place or vice versa. . There’s the odd clubbing days but most couples hate going clubbing together. There are the eatery places, but how much can one eat. The beach? It gets tired. What else? I guess it must be the same everywhere though. You really have to enjoy each other's company to be able to take it. I personally think that those kinds of dates should come way later. First dates should be a little more interesting.

Finally all single girls with friends that are hooked can probably attest to this. They try to hook you up in all sorts of ways. 'I have this friend', 'My boyfriends friend', 'I was chatting with this guy and he is looking for someone serious', 'Can I give this guy your number', 'I gave this guy your number', 'I cc'd you on this email to my friend', 'I'm adding you to our convo'. I don't know how effective such introductions are as I haven't carried out a survey but I'm not too sure it would work for me. There is that balance of trying not to be rude to your friends' friend and trying to gently let down a guy you are not feeling that I just don't think I can deal with. Besides when I feel like a pity case, I'll apply.

It’s FRIDAY! Another restful weekend. The girls and I are exercising tomorrow as part of our keep sexy fit plan. Get the sweat pants and trainers out. Here we go!