Monday, November 07, 2005


My blog name is TaureanMinx and I am sensitive!

Sometimes I wonder how much growing up we actually do. I wonder each time a scene from childhood plays out and yet feelings of inadequacy mingled with uncertainty and annoyance with oneself at certain reactions occur. It really does take one back in time to compare with the reactions and responses all those years before. I think these repetitive experiences change us each time. Each one gives us a little free life's lesson as they occur. Well my last lesson learned is being straight forward is more rewarding than trying to be forever the peace-maker. If I was asked in an interview, this would be my biggest flaw...forever trying to keep the peace and be nice, a certain behavioral trait obtained from my father and passed down in various degree's to his children, I probably being hit with the most potent dose.

Old habits die hard, years back I could almost pass out if someone was upset with me or even generally upset around me, the pacifier spirit would just rear its bothersome head and I would go into peace mode. I was finely tuned to the emotions of others knowing wether they were happy, mad, sad, or plain crazy just y being in the same room. Years of working on my pacifist behaviour have brought me to a passable stage but I find that I sometimes regress to those appease/save the world days. I've realised that it's not really worth all the hassle in the end. What really matters is me. So I start tomorrow on different note...let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. Stick to your guns niccu. Life will be tres tres easier.

Now that I've let of steam (somewhat), what kind of country has pot-holes on its runway for crying out loud!!!! You would think that the Bellview disaster (May all the souls rest in peace) would instigate a full scale overhaul of airplanes as well as airports and aviation warning systems and improvements to our lackadaisical disaster response times in various airports. We are too laid back in Nigeriaaaaaaa. Get up people. The funny thing, well not so funny is we the masses can only talk about it. All decisions are left to those in power so complaining is actually a waste of time. How many people carry out protest marches here? A lot of people would probably wonder if the protesters were mad, or conclude that they were wasting their effort and time marching in the hot sun. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs one has to satisfy their psychological needs – hunger, thirst, bodily comforts before one can worry about all the other things such as POTHOLES! A lot of the people here are definitely starving so I guess there will be no protests for now!

Are you self actualised?


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Memoir sparks students' online reflections
Katie Oliveri The Enquirer More than 720 miles separate Battle Creek and Long Island, N.Y. But a book and Internet blog have brought Lakeview and Cold Spring Harbor High School students together.
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