Tuesday, February 21, 2006


They are back! Styl plus has been slamming the radio waves with another hit song. I remember hearing Olufunmi and me and my girls killing the track, absolutely murdering it! We knew all the ooooo's and the ahhhh's and the duro duro baby mi, olufunmi jo woo ohhhh. Okay I’m not Yoruba so apologies for the spellings. It was love at first 'hear'. They have had a few more hits but went underground for a while and P-Square came and stole a bit of the limelight with Busybody but my boys are back with 'Imagine that' which isn't Olufunmi but gets me dancing all the same and of course singing along to the Yoruba lyrics ( I have no idea what I'm saying though!)

Their first full album is due for launch in Abuja on February 25 and in Lagos on March 4. Keep on rocking guys!


Imagine that, afi gba to se dandan pe ko se mo
Imagine that, pelu gbogbo ife ti mo fi fun
Imagine that, kilo fe ko sele simi to ba lo
Imagine that, to ba lo...
Imagine that, Imagine that

For those who understand, feel free to translate.


Low said...

Baby!!!!!!!! Ok u better be excited. Hitting u up!. Lyrics goes

Until the point where she says she cant take this no more. With all the love that i have given her. What does she expect to become of me when she leaves. IMAGINE THAT!
Talk about Yoruba 101..Ha!
Love ya boo! Blogged about ur as on HI5..

Just Thinking Out Loud! said...

ou don't seem like someone that can't speak Yoruba to me with all that Yoruba you have typed out. :) Can't wait to hear the song. Their Olufunmi song made me proud to be Nigerian.

TaureanMinx said...


Lol, thanks for the translation babes! Wow Styl Plus is really improving my Yoruba cos I sure as hell did not pay attention during classes. Join BLOGSPOTTTTTTT, mwahh


Lol, I've been in Lagos all my life, its sad that that's the best I can do. Olufunmi was a hit!

LondonBuki said...

Well, me I haven't heard the song yet, so I will have to wait patiently for someone to come back from Nig... then the DJS in Nig hangouts will be murdering the songs too... LOL!!!

Nneka's World said...

I cannot wait to hear the music. I loved Olufunmi:
Olufunmi oh
Ma Kpa me lekun oooh
Olunfunmi Lolaaaa
Ma se fimi sile Lailai
Duro timi oh
Olufunmi lola

Now how is that? I hope i got the spellings right.
Well go and hunt for the song imagine that and ditto to Jtol

Onada said...

can we listen to it online somewhere?

Kunle.... said...

I love P-Squared now, only cos last summer Stylplus came to London and they came to one of the clubs i go to regularly. Men, You should have seen them, home-boys were acting like PDiddy meet JayZ topped with Donald Trump all bcos they wanted all of us to leave the VIP for them. TuFace was there too, He's a much nicer person than StylPlus. As for the party, trust us, mini socialites in london (who already feel like celebs in their own rights) left the club and that was the end of the party! Thanks to Styl Plus.

Nkem said...

I haven't heard it yet, but I'll be looking out for a video on our very own BEN tv.

TaureanMinx said...

@buki, I'll see what I can do once it is released
@nneka, onada,nkem its not released yet, once it is i'll download it
@D, really? U know how fame gets to your head, they will calm down

Moby. said...

wassup buddie.... i am a fellow nigerian.wanna know how you advertise on the web because i found your page through google

Feyikogbon said...

Their current album Expressions is even better than the first one. There is a song called 'Iya Basira' that is just hilarious (its about a bloke who things he has been put under a spell since he spends all his time at Iya Bas's Buka).

Try www.nigerianentertainment.com to listen to Olufunmilola (and other nigerian hip hop hits) online.

Are there any Igbo brothers and sisters who can help me work out what Stylplus are talking about on "She drives me Crazy". I think they have embarked upon a mission to unify the country singlehandedly as the elbum seems to have songs in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa!

Anonymous said...

menh i love u guys to death, u make me and my fellow nigerians soooooooooooo proud i love u guys keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

i so love 'imagine that' and 'iya basira', which is SO f****** hillarious!!!!!! i'm realli feelin 'em. ive tried pausin and rewinding/forwarding to get the lyrics...at least i'm trying!

dat 'iya basira', whoever sang dat bit...'was a little Bukka close to the main road'...i loved his voice there. i dunno who sang dat bit shaa i hope the videos'll b as gd as the songs! weldone S.P

Anonymous said...

I have heard and learned the sing all i can say is wow..... i am a real i listen to that song everytime. Good job