Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bloggyy bloggggg! Its been so long. The Christmas festivities and fun completely messed up my routine. Blogging was the last thing on my mind. SO what happened since I last blogged? A lot!

I had a blast as usual. The office closed officially on the 22nd of December and I didn’t come back to work (well properly) till the 12th of January. There were just so many holidays including Sallah and Malaria! One was fun the other wasn’t. There were several ‘do’s’, I’ll give u some highlights

Beach Party: Woke up early and met up with friends at the boat club where we got on a boat with our hearts in our mouths and traveled for about 30 minutes to a little private beach somewhere just outside Lagos. Had fun, swam, drank, ate, socialized etc etc. The real ordeal was on the way back. These crazy ass boat men decided that although the journey would be paid for, the wanted their payment upfront. They therefore promptly stopped the engine and told us to either pay N1000 each (note that we were 15) OR bob around in the middle of the ocean which I was happy to do as they would be bobbing too but alas as I mentioned we were 15 so there had to be some janded/yankee scardey pants shouting ‘what’s N1000 to you anywayyyy’ like they had never had a Nigerian accent, probably a strong one at that. The point was that….U DON’T LET THESE THIEVES WALK ALL OVER YOU!!! Dumb asses, all of them. So we ended up paying, then the thieves smiled and started the engine and I was alarmed at the injustice of it all. Scrap the final part of the day and I had fun.

Foo’s bday: We danced till six in the morning at Tanjia’s, the latest craze. Started off with dinner and then as was written on the Menu of a 50 yrs old Bash, another ‘do’ I attended, ‘Dance, dance, dance’! Oh my, didn’t we have fun that night. We even went to the Vault, another club, midway through the party and then returned. Talk about dancing spirit.

Lunch/Dinner: Step’s bday at Debonairs, a new pizza place, lunch with the girls at Yellow Chili’s, a Nigerian eatery (how I hate that word!), good bye family dinner held for my brother at Pearl Gardens (he didn’t come cos he didn’t ‘feel’ like it, *^&%*$&&%, so we changed the occasion to plain old family dinner), Barcellos, Roberts Café….the list endless. Any weight I could have put on was lost cos of the malaria attack…silver lining….

Sallah: Celebrated the first day of Sallah at Baby’s place. Scrumptious food including a variation of baby’s specialty..Gizzard and Dodo which turned out to be goat meat and dodo. wasn’t the sammmeeeee, I look forward to the next time we have that. Second day of sallah, after being semi-stood up at silverbird, I ran to the ever loving arms of my girlfriends! We ended up spending the second night of sallah arguing with a bunch of guys, trying to convince them that all girls weren’t actually Gold Diggers, but we wouldn’t date a guy who works at a cyber café…WITH NO AMBITION..there’s the clause. I mean if this dude had plans to move up and I was feeling him….it could work. But on the other hand if the guy had all the money in the world and spent all day playing playstation…We wouldn’t date him either…these guys would just not believe us. We went home with sore throats!

So all in all the break was gggggreeaat! Lagos is back to being clogged up and busy and the foreigners have left making it seem like the past few weeks never happened. My phone is ringing off the hook (vendors, not friends), there is mad traffic (if ur lucky you won't get mugged) and a work related email just came in. SIGHHHHHH


Olawunmi said...

i'm going to commend your bravery, going to the beach party in a hired boat took brass cojones. a trip to tarkwa bay a few years ago convinced me that the only way to venture onto the atlantic is on a private boat.

i was in lagos at the time, and i was very keen to go to that party as well. but as soon as i found out that there was no guarantee of a ride in a private boat, i went back home to my PS2.

so reading your experience made me realise just how wrong it could all have gone. i'm happy u didn't have too much drama.



Anonymous said...

u dey enjoy o.miss naija