Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Can I say that I had a BLAST last weekend! It was tres fun. What was meant to be a meeting of 6 like minded girls turned out to be a CHORUS of about 12! We sang our little wannabe Whitney Houston vocal chords away, during an impromptu Karaoke Session. We had originally planned to try out the New koreana Restaurant as a part of a bi-monthly girly meeting the girls normally organise or should I say III organise. I've become event planner extraordinaire. Anyways so we get there and baby decides we should move to the Karaoke room as she's been there before..She promptly exercises her customer rights and gets the room for free (I think the guy just wanted to get rid of the young assertive lady loll. Baby you can fight for me ANYTIME). That’s when everything got interesting, soprano, alto, bass, squeak, scratch loll, we had it all. Sting, Natalie Imbruiglia, Spice girls, Boyz II Men and even an unknown Korean musician GAT nothing on us! We got so into the spirit of things that we put Omotola Jalade's Cd in and 'karaoke'd' to GBAAA, Naija lo wa…... She is dude's protégée. I must say I never imagined that a little evening out would turn out to be so much fun; all I can say is, girls we have a tough one now trying to beat that.

The week so far has been okay. The office is exceedingly excruciatingly HOT. Apparently the AC had problems and will be fixed by the end of the day. We have received an email to that effect since the beginning of last week. Trust me no one can work in this heat. Even updating my blog seems like hard work. The facilities department is on fire from the Management though. Lets hope tomorrow is much cooler.

So preparations for Dude's bbcue are on the way. I'm on the search for delicious ice-cream as my contribution. Where do I gooo? I asked this lady for a quote to come and serve a 100 people at a bbcue and guess what she quoted? 18k! After my last blog, I don't think I have the heart to be so frivolous in my spending, so I'm looking for alternative means to get ice-cream on Saturday.

Well seeing how hot it is and how I really cant do any productive work, I am going to see The Man at silverbird with my aunt who just got back and hasn't seen the galleria. We are going to paint the town a mild light red.