Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogville Gist- Edition 2

Can't nobody stop me now, oh no, I've got to keep on moving. Vera that message you sent will not work! You cannot destroy my fine skin. Go and tell them it did not work!

So back to blog gist..Lets start with Vera. This girl wants my blood. I am hot, what do you want me to do abourrit? I see that you might need some counselling for the inferiority complex you seem be displaying. It’s okay girl. I’ll bring Boor boor and Bloke along so we can find the root of the problem. Remember always: JESUS LOVES YOU.

Next up is Babaalayes sizzling (or sizzled out?) love life. BabaA, what did I read? You want to throw in what? Placard ke? Lol. I know I didn’t hear right. Checkout what he is on about on his blog. You know I love you Mr B. As for your secret crush..why are you keeping us in suspense now? Do you need romance lessons from Jem

We all know the drama that occurred on Overwhemed’s blog. I think a lot of people have learnt something useful from this episode. I may not agree or even approve of some sizzling stuff on her blog but I won’t judge her and if it repulses me so much then I don't have read it. But to take up a holier than thou attitude is where the problem starts. Here are some people who were able to beautifully articulate their support Soul and Olawunmi.

Our very own Calabar girl decided to ‘trim’ her hair. Check out the Results.

Oh my home, when shall I see my home. Find out how these bloggers enjoyed their holiday in Nigeria.

Adaure took it one step further to tell us about Village Life. She also did a comprehensive report on child labour which was aired on Silverbird news last night (Friday) around 10pm. Congrats girl..when is the re-run? Thanks for the tip off (you know who you are).

Bella Naija has published her very first fashion interview. I'm PROUD of you Bella.

Adunniola has made up her mind to get rid of excess baggage. You go girl! Munirat has also decided to forget about SV.

Cherub has organised a teleconference fellowship called The Early Risers’ Call (TERC). Dial in if you are so inclined. I think it’s a great Idea.

Temmy's Ex proposes or didn't he?
36 inches has married man palava Part 1 and Part 2

Confused Naija Girl


Life through Rose Tinted Glasses
Trendy Cosmo


Anonymous said...

FIRST!!! Lemme go and read the GIST!!!!

Anonymous said...

You better keep this up darling... I like! I like!! I like!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

i love this! you are making your blog a silent addiction oh!
and thanks for shouting out my blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice one again TMINX!

I guess this a good way to keep discovering naija blogs.

Anonymous said...

This could get to be the one-stop spot for getting the latest gist. What's the frequency going to be like?

Vera Ezimora said...


The fact that you talked about me first only proves one thing: YOU LOVE ME!!!

By the way, have you checked out my blog? I wrote about you. And don't forget to check out Boorish Male's response, okay?

TMINX: I still stand by my comment on the previous post o. And don't make me finish you in this Blogsville....cause you no go survive o!

BeautyinBaltimore said...

What happened with my girl Vera? I need the dirt pronto.

TMinx said...

@buki, sharp;y gp tp Barclays and collect $500
@CNG, no problem. Its a good read!
@gbeborun. Thank, there are so many out there
@Azuka..I guess weekly..what do you think
@Vera, he is only saying this to you to calm you down. All is well with us.
@beauty in baltimore, click on the link for more info

UnNaked Soul said...

tminx + vera: i need to see some scratching & pinching... oya, GBAGAN! hey watch ya eyes oh, and face too... and that too... no kicking or cursing... no crying tooo...

Anonymous said...

Babes, glad you are felling beha jare.

Are u minding Vera? She snatched bloke from Teva now she is trying to take Boorish Male.........

♥♫♪nyemoni♫♪♥ said...

Hey! Tminx has become the official "gbeborun" (forgive any spelling mishaps) of blogville.. na wah for you o! How are you btw?

Anonymous said...

Nice update. I will check out these blogs. Thanks


please keep this up, i like too? think it should be weekly, well or has the juicy gists come up sha.

thanks for the shout out babes.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly worth droping by your site. Keep up the good gist work.

Anonymous said...

Yes....I love this!
U r gangasta ooo Taurean, despite your illness u still managed to unleash the gist! nice one....

The Vera - Boorish - T-Minx love triangle is hot but if I were u I would leave the dude for the Vera...that babe is dangerous!

Anyways, thanks for the updates.
Yes, Trendy Cosmo - update ur freakin blog!
Boorish Male - same goes for u!

Get better!

Anonymous said...

Since i'm kinda new to "Blogville"..... it was cool reading up on other people's blogs. Gotta mention though..... I LOVE UR BLOG, i think i am addicted actually... GREAT JOB!

Anonymous said...

Nice ones babe i havent been on blogger for a while and just reading this i caught up on a lot...go babe...xx

Anonymous said...

i like this new addition to your blog. very interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea ... loving it! By the way Onada updated twice in the last few days, surely that deserves some kind of Breaking News Headline!

Anonymous said...

HELP!!! the finest male blogger just unveiled HIMSELF!! Oh my God and he is GAY !! SAY WHAT ?? i mean is SGLG ! that is it waoh . Girls in this hard times a fine boy is gaywe have to pray oo and fast !
pls check this out
he guy is really cute and he wont allow anonymosu comments !

Anonymous said...

Oh i just luv this!! add noni moss to the list of bloggers with tales of Naija.. lmao.. dont mind babaalaye.. he's not ready to reveal his crush yet... me i'm going to even do my own investigation self!

Anonymous said...

First time on your blog and loving it. let me look around more

Anonymous said...

am loving this.... i want to be forever.

Unknown said...

This ur gist is really useful. Thanks Girl!! Saves us trawling up and down blogville looking for happening stories. Only I'm in the news this week and not so sure about being elated over the fact that you have chosen to publicize my plight further. To placate me, oya set up a 'calabar gal trust fund' else............ LOL!!

Unknown said...

Well Done. Tminx. I found this Blogville Gist really helpful.
Making good use of ur R & R - I can see.

Anonymous said...

madam de madam .........the madam of gistville.
Hope youre getting better

Anonymous said...

I see I made nice info Ms Tminx...keep up the good