Friday, December 08, 2006

Lagos 101- What to do around Lagos

Before I start, it would be good to look for a copy of ‘What’s New’ a lovely Lagos city guide. It has great information about what’s going on around Lagos and addresses etc. I think Nu Metro Bookshop in Silverbird has some copies in stock as well as Park and Shop.

Eating out

Churasco- Brazilian restaurant. Its actually a buffet and the meat is carried around on sticks brazillian style. How much meat can you eat…try it.
Bankok- Thai restaurant. Very good food.
Pearl Garden- Chinese Restaurant
Ocean View – Chinese Resaturant.
Nando’s- Spicy chicken. Yes we have this in Lagos too. I can’t say it’s the same as the ones in London but its good.
Chicken Republic/St Elmo’s- Chicken again. They have the best cone Ice-cream IMHO.
Munchies- Fast food again, try their munchies roll.
Flavours- This reminds me of the flavours behind QC. Its now also at Silverbird Galleria.
Dolphin shawarma- Shawarma from Association Road in Dolphin is yummy.
Yellow Chilli’s- Delicious Nigerian cuisine in a nice environment.
TFC, Tantalizers and Mr Biggs are still Lagosian favourites.
Roberts Café- English and Nigerian breakfast and delicious deserts.
Scarlet Lodge
La Saison
Villa Medici
Calabash Bar at Eko Hotel (also there is a buffet in the restaurant by the pool for N2500)


Silver Bird Galleria
City Mall, Onikan which also has a Cinema
The Palms shopping mall, Lekki
Lekki Market- Beads, paintings, cd’s, movies, carvings etc. Not your usual market.
Salsa Lessons at Flamingo- Have fun taking Salsa lessons @ Flamingo on Kofo Abayomi St.
For guys, football games/practice @ the Astro Turf (7219960, 8502435)
Go carting in Onikan..I have to find out the address.


Stage performances including an adaptation of Cinderella called Ella will be showing at the following venues

National Theatre
Civic Center on Ozumba Mbadiwe
Muson Centre


Bacchus Lounge- New and more chilled out than the club. It’s next door to Bacchus.
Saipan- A nice lounge/chinese restaurant. Thursday nights are good for live music from every century.
Reeds Bar- Awolowo road
Coconut Grove- Awolowo Road
Soul Lounge- Lekki
The Pitch
Swe Bar @ City Mall Onikan is a nice chilled spot.
Londoners in Ikeja
La Cachette recommended by Snazzy, thanks :)


Planet 1
La Casa

What else would you like to know? Please feel free to suggest more places I may not know of.

Tminx signing out


Anonymous said...

Hey, Lagos's favourite restaurant is actually Mr. Bigg's. How come he didn't make your list?

Now, now, now, this list is too elitist...

Anonymous said...

WOW! am i the first? Yes I am. LOL.

Yellow Chilli. Been there like twice. Lovely place. Good List.

A good an evolving list of things to do in Lagos and getting around is also on the Johnnie Just Come site.

Anonymous said...

Chei! Chxta hit the publish button before me. All good sha!

LondonBuki said...

Thanks for this :-)

Hope I get to go to a few of these places when I am there in January.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I know places to check out if i come to Nigeria. Good post.

What of general bars that do Cocktails? Just places to chill - kinda like what Cigar Lounge/La Casa used to be.

Anonymous said...

Good Post..
I am more interested in the Restaurants..I would visit these places when I go home.
Salsa Dance lessons.. Nice one..

Anonymous said...

@chxta, it completely skipped my mind. I will make the addition. Their meatpies are very good.
@gbeborun, sorry oh chxta made it before you.
@londonbuki, im sure you will
@nonimoss, I'll emphasise which on the blog..its under clubs/bars. I think I should differentiate but sometimes these bars get so packed that they turn into clubs lol
@lee, thanks!

Aramide said...

thanks babe how weird i was writing something remotely related to this and ur getting around lagos.... i will add a link to this too...nice post.. xxxx

Mari said...

Nice one TM. It seems Lagos keeps growing each day.

snazzy said...

like the post, would throw in bungalow's as another bar and for the mainland peeps Planet one, Londoners and La Cachette. The go-kart thing is by tafewa balewa square towards vi but I don't think it is operational or at least I have talked to tons of people about it and no one as ever gone or seen people there as they drive past.

Uzo said...

Some hidden gems to eat - La Saison and The Scarlet Lodge...Lovely list. Go carting is by TBS and i love it. Villa Medici is a nice place to eat and hanging out at Calabash Bar (which is by the pool) at Eko Hotel and Suites is very very nice. Also Swe Bar at City Mall is so great.

Anonymous said...

nice one, I have to check these places out. Do you know where i can get more information on the "Ella" show? Sorry I'm used to 'googling' everything but that doesn't quite work in Nigeria. Thanks in advance

TMinx said...

@noni moss, sorry I shipped you, I just made two seperate entries for clubs and bars.

Anonymous said...

Seems like everything is on the island. Nothing for mainland people? Informative list though.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I was thinking of visiting my aunt next year. This settles it then -- enjoyment galore!

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

love it! christmas will be wild!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Im printing this out for my visit to lagos. This is like a tour guide. Thanks Miss T.

Anonymous said...

Go carting? In Lagos? GAME ON !!

Anonymous said...

na wa oh...lagos is changin oh...THAI RESTAURANT??..NA YAM!!!??, this one, i gotsa to see. Thanx 4 the info tminx. HAve a blessed wknd.

Yankeenaijababe said...

wow, lagos is changing o...........been in yankee too long

NaijaBloke said...

Nice post !!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I'm so excited!!!! I'll be in Lagos in a cple weeks. Hopefully I'll see you and we (Low included) can hang out. We didn't get to the last time for Bimbo's bday, I think...remember that? LOL

Anonymous said...

oooooh the ella show made your list? fantastic!!!
i was alost on the cast of that.. even had a script and everything! SOB!!!
nice list.. didnt know there was a flavours at the galleria though- will def check that out.

Favoured Girl said...

I have heard of Saipan, so I will make sure I check it out when I am in Lagos hopefully next year. Thanks for this post, it shows us that we can have fun in our own backyard.

BabaAlaye said...

Great Post TM.

Do we really have to wait 'till Friday for another dose?

The Go-Kart is operational. It's at TBS. I've been tere and it's nice.

Hey, you didn't add the Strip Club in Lekki. Oops! I shouldn't have said that.

Anonymous said...

lol @ babaalaye talking bout the d stripclub in lekki...i have no further comments!

i luv Churrasco...absolutely delish!

Anonymous said...

Ehn ehn, me I disagree ooh! The list is uber-elitist like chxta said. My fav. "Iya Bukky by the gutter side" was not represented, my lovely "Mama Risikat" was not included, what happened to "Mama put", Tantalizers..

U need represent the ghetto ppl, wey I dey voice for now!!!!!

Unknown said...

I saw Nando's at Surulere when I was at Lagos in july and I must say i was pleasantly surprised and pleased that there was a franchise existent in Naija!!

Thanks Tminx for the tips!!!

Biodun said...

I love this list men! I want to go 2 naija now :(

Anonymous said...

this list is too elitist and evrything is on d island. what happened to universty of suya ,chopsticks chinese restaurant on allen,barcelos gra,newyorkers,sweetsensastion,gra on the run(4 nice icecream) motherlan in opebi evry last friday.clubs in ikeja page,do it all,q bar/club, sandra place, metropark. for pple dat want real naija buka treat try mama cass,some restaurants like sweet sest/tantalizers have naija kitchens.try bank olemoh rice, olaiya and whitehouse in surulere dis is not for aje butters oh

Anonymous said...

@anonymous thanks. I was just going to mention Chopsticks (well my friend's dad owns it) But you did fabulous with the list anyways!

Anonymous said...

is A bar now out?i like sweet sensation too.thanks for the info anyway

Anonymous said...

ENI luv- "Bacchus Lounge" is acually called 6 Degrees North. To which I've asked OF WHAT??? lol
Anyhoo... U didn't add Cafe Vergnano @ the 2 malls (City & The Palms) for anyone that cares for good coffee.
11:45 also re-opened for those that think the list is elitist (there u go!) lol
Happy Holidays Chica!

Anonymous said...

was worried for a while. Couldnt access your blog. Good to see it back on.

Anonymous said...

You can get tickets for the ELLA show by calling 01-8184386, 08035352117, 08023770694.

They'll deliver tickets if you're in VI or Ikoyi...

Anonymous said...

Other elitist Bars - Bambuddha - Karimu Kotun Street, VI; NewsCafe - Palms, Lekki; Reloaded VIP BAR (VIP Bar in former 1145);

Anonymous said...

Yo! You guys need to check out a new hospitality magazine directory, called the lagos city navigator. It's so hip. It beats what's new hands down as it is soooooooooooooooo detailed. Got mine at Numetro, silverbird galleria for 300 only.

Unknown said...

try bungalow's
Plot 1296 akin adesola street
victoria island

the place for your Restaurant Bar and CLubing on weekends

Anonymous said...

I bought a copy of an incredibly detailed magazine called the lagos city navigator at numetro media stores and it contains so much details about all the major hotels, clubs/wine bars, restaurants of all types, beaches/resorts, parks, cinemas etc in V.I, Ikoyi,Island, ikeja, Surulere/Mainland, Festac/Apapa. Even safety tips and flight details are all in there. It really is a wonderous magazine despite the setback of not having street maps.

Anonymous said...

Please let me know some of the good strip clubs in Lagos with complete address. while mentioning the details please let me whether these clubs will allows the foreigners or not and how safe is it. is the atmosphere in these club is rough or decent.

Anonymous said...

I want to buy CITY NAVIGATOR GUIDE, like some one said NU METRO Media Store, I went there Its not available. can you please suggest some other shop.

fofo said...

i need address of the go karting place